‘Seasonal Changes’ by Amber Fleming

Summer shines

reflections in the water.

A man walks by

to show his daughter


a passage through time.

As they keep on going,

the air gets colder,

the waters still flowing,


the leaves change colour

from green to brown.

Her moods start to dampen

By the feelings that drown


the happiest of people

who walk in the leaves

and struggle in times

when the ground starts to freeze.


The animals are hidden.

Hibernation takes over,

longing for spring’s luck

Where you find a four leaf clover.


The snow begins to melt.

Her father pulled her through.

She realised what mattered:

Nature’s always true.


No false motives

lie in the land.

The cycle is circling back

and now she understands


when new birth of lambs

gives hope to them both

like flowers and trees planted,

they begin their growth.


The temperatures are rising,

the sun comes out to play.

The little girl asks her dad:

‘Why can’t it stay this way?’

Featured image by Nita from Pexels














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