‘Why do I Matter?’ by Madi Chantry

I matter because I want to win in life. I want to do the greatest things any man or woman can do. I look towards the future and think, where will I be in five years? I often ask myself why I do matter. It isn’t easy getting out of bed every day, doing the same routine with no questions asked. Not a single human being has it easy – that includes me. Every time I get up to do work, I set everything up and I try to get into a positive mindset and good work environment… but then my mind switches up and it goes back to that reoccurring thought in the back of my head: ‘Why do I matter?’ You must be thinking that there is an obvious answer, but for some people, that answer is really hard to look for. I always question myself and ponder whether I am good enough for those around me, my thoughts make me feel so weak. Then I begin to realise that it’s all in my head and that I am good enough, I do matter and I am not weak whatsoever. 

I matter because I tend to put others before myself and care about everyone else around me. I try to do the right things on a daily basis and ask my friends if they’re okay or if I can do anything to help them, but sometimes I give in to the thoughts bottled up inside me, referring back to that self-explanatory question: ‘Why do I matter?’ 

Why does anyone matter? We’re all just on a floating planet in the middle of a universe. Who knows what else is out there. There could be so many other important things going on in space that no one knows about and I am sitting here doing work that won’t even matter in ten years’ time. Don’t get me wrong, this work is giving me a greater education and helping me for future exams and assignments. But back to caring about others, I try to check in on my family members and I try to make their lives better by being there for them. I try to inspire many people and hopefully motivate my friends to do their work and chores. 

I matter because I have the ability to shape my future, if I don’t give up, I can do whatever I want and be who I am without feeling ashamed. If I set my mind to it, I can reach my goals and be amazing. Let’s be real though, I already am amazing and that is a fact. I’ll be the first me; original, unique and someone that others look up to.

Last but not least, I matter because I am the one and only Madi Chantry and no one can stop me from accomplishing my dreams. At least that is what I think. I know deep down that I might not do my dream job when I’m older. But I also know that I cannot predict the future and I should stop planning ahead. I’m practically wishing my life away. On the other hand, what I know one hundred percent is that I matter, because I have hope that everything will be just fine and that situations are not as bad as they seem. I need to stop overlooking things and expect the unexpected, not wishing for a great outcome nor a bad one. I matter because I will proceed to live in the moment and always be prepared for what’s to come next. 

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

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