‘Bear’ by Daniel Maw, Year Seven

Tall, sturdy trees stood strong as a fast, cold wind cut through the air. A thick canopy of leaves cast a shadow over the land, leaving only a few spots of daylight. Carried by the howling wind, crisp, orange leaves filled the air, bouncing off anything they collided with. To my left, the ground rose two metres almost vertically creating a rocky surface. The stretch of forest seemed to go on forever.

Me and my friends Bob and Bill trekked through the woods, the wind seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Despite the fact they were metres wide, the trees started to creak. Soon, sticks the size of baseball bats flew through the air. We needed shelter, and fast, the sun was setting and there was no place to set up camp.  Then we saw it, where the ground rose there was a cave. A deep, dark, gloomy cave. But a cave non the less. We ran inside, grateful for the shelter. Soon, dark clouds filled the air and thunder rolled across the sky. Rain poured down and jagged bolts of lightning violently struck the ground. About two hundred metres in front of me, a tree seemed to scream with pain as the wind careered into it. After about thirty seconds it gave way and fell to the ground with a massive crash. At that very moment, lightning shot through the air hitting the tree, instantly setting it alight. Quite soon other trees had started to burn and slowly the fire began to spread.

After a while, we got bored and decided to explore deeper into the cave. It was then that we heard it, faintly, over the sound of the storm I heard a rustle and the sound of breathing became clear. Slowly, me and Bill went to investigate, while Bob was snoring away in his orange and blue sleeping bag. Quite quickly we rounded a corner and there it was.

Hidden in the darkness, a giant mass of fur laid, with long sharp claws protruding out of it. Dark red berry juice dripped down from its mouth staining its fur red. Cautiously, me and Bill backed up, but then, CRACK! Bill had stepped on a stick, snapping it in half. Slowly, one of the bears eyes opened and its top lip curled up into a snarl…

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

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