‘Keys’ by Aiya, Year Nine

I know of a proud people, A truth echoes unanimous in their minds A rattle of a key shaken many times Looking for its door. Nelson Mandela knew this was not so different to South African Apartheid. Norman Finkelstein doesn’t think this differs to Nazi genocide. All the dead children western media tries to hide.…More

‘Seasonal Changes’ by Amber Fleming

Summer shines reflections in the water. A man walks by to show his daughter   a passage through time. As they keep on going, the air gets colder, the waters still flowing,   the leaves change colour from green to brown. Her moods start to dampen By the feelings that drown   the happiest of…More

‘For Jay’ by Ella Sugden

The icy cold wind brushed itself roughly against my skin. I shivered as goosebumps rose up unwillingly. The sky slowly began to darken like the sorrow that was staining my heart. Distant echoing noises of nature moulded into the deep sounds of my quiet sobs which drifted off into a peaceful serenity. The deepened leaves…More

‘Fly’ by Kiera Potter

Her soul is stained with your black ink, These scars won’t fade and haven’t healed with time, And still, she looks for a clearing In this dark midnight sky, Sometimes the smoke clears, and again it’s back, But one day, the tears will finally dry, And she will see what love Looks like for the…More

‘Crow’ by Kiera Potter

‘Crow’ I’m alone in the field of whiteAs the sun sets and kills the lightI hear a crow high in the skyOnly wanting to flyI hear a whisper of sinThis is the life she lives inA little girl, her way’s been lost And now she’s paying the costI run as church bells ringBehind me the…More

‘Days of November’ by Abbey Dawson

‘Days of November’ The windy days of November, Blew the autumn leaves, Trees left bleak and black, The dying grasslands of the dales, Long, dreary days of pouring rain, Biting winds chasing me. Sheep stood huddled, Next to limestone walls, Wind howling, Rain falling in torrents, Dripping down my neck. Days so dark, Nights so…More

‘The Snowstorm’ by Sophie Bedford

‘The Snowstorm’ Nothing but white, lost out; no one knows you’re there, trapped, being blinded by something sparkling white. Every step you take a challenge. Suffering, I could see someone, or could I? Was I hallucinating? I blinked, just a tear in my eye from the storm drying my eyes, like a plug does a…More

‘Who He Loves’ by Charlie Middleton

Why does it matter who he loves? Why can’t you accept him? All he does is walk and talk, Another part of a machine. You don’t need to follow and stalk All you do is hide and watch, What can you do? You feel the need to stand and fight, Against this unholy blight, But…More