‘Who He Loves’ by Charlie Middleton

Why does it matter who he loves?
Why can’t you accept him?
All he does is walk and talk,
Another part of a machine.
You don’t need to follow and stalk
All you do is hide and watch,
What can you do?
You feel the need to stand and fight,
Against this unholy blight,
But who is there to blame?
You or him, a fox versus doves,
Why does it matter who he loves?
Why does it matter who he loves?
All he does is live
Why does it change why he survives
Whether he wants husbands or wives?
You feel that the world is black and white
But he just wants a rainbow
Any person who wants to live
Has a right to be in their lane
Their ability to think and change
Is driving you insane

If you see him and agree with any of the above
Why does it matter who he loves?
You have it, you stole it, the cold hard metal
Presses unfeelingly in your hand,
The grip feels heavy
When you wait near the levy
There in ambush for him to pass
Hidden amongst the deep blades of grass
You see him walk down the lane
Then you take aim
Your heart starts to pound
He hits the ground
Held by his beloved
But why did it matter who he loved?

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com from Pexels