How to avoid having more rolls than Greggs by Olivia, Year Nine

Ditch the carrot cake and the opt for the carrots instead Soon after Timmy finished his Chinese takeaway, he noticed that he was starting to get bigger and bigger and he wanted a change. Timmy noticed how much he was eating and how bad it was for him. However, after eating  healthy meals, he was…More

‘Why do I Matter?’ by Madi Chantry

I matter because I want to win in life. I want to do the greatest things any man or woman can do. I look towards the future and think, where will I be in five years? I often ask myself why I do matter. It isn’t easy getting out of bed every day, doing the…More

‘This is my dream’ by Todd Mortimer

This is the start. Grass. Green blades that make the foundation of my life. This is Goodison Park, or heaven; home. This is my dream. I take my steps onto the ground, trembling like a building in an earthquake as my heart is pulled about; a tug of war between fear and excitement. I have…More

Film Review: Brother In The Land by Theo Sugden

In preparation for this article, Year Eight students reimagined Robert Swindells’ novel Brother in the Land as a film… The latest movie from Director J.J Abrams is the closest you ever want to get to nuclear war. This apocalyptic movie is set in northern England, which makes it even more thrilling because it feels somehow closer…More

‘Film review: Brother In The Land’ by Torol Blacker

In preparation for this article, Year Eight students reimagined Robert Swindells’ novel Brother in the Land as a film… The latest movie adaptation from the book Brother in the Land by Robert Swindells is a masterpiece of cinema and the closest you want to get to nuclear war. It isn’t set in LA or Chicago, but…More

‘Aron Ralston’s Story’ by Abbey Elliott

My blunt multi-tool knife etches into my motionless arm. Little by little, the knife gets deeper and deeper. Blood is trickling down my arm. It was meant to be a walk in the park but it quickly turned into a  nightmare. 127 hours stuck isolated in that canyon. That 800lb boulder waiting for me my…More

‘Aron Ralston’s Story’ by Jessica Bryson

I took my knife in my hand and pulled off the case, wondering if it was possible to put myself through more pain. As my vision blurred, I knew that I didn’t have long and that this was not going to be easy. I was trapped down there for a long time – 127 hours,…More

‘The Great Outdoors’ by Josh Rimmer, Year Twelve

The air is cold and the sky is an entrancing ocean blue, the air tingles in my lungs with a sharp spike of bitterness. I wander up, wading through the thick layer cake of mud, snow and leaves, with the brutal cracks of every rich Yorkshireman’s favourite gadget accompanying my trek, acting as my rendezvous…More

‘Women and Literature’ by Ella Todd, Year Eleven

Reading always has, and always will, continue to remain a huge aspect of my life. Grasped by every detail, I believe it’s essential for people to lose them self in a story. When I was baby I moved to Cyprus and lived there for five years. As a young girl I always despised wearing skirts and…More