‘How to avoid having more rolls than Greggs’ by Olivia, Year Nine

Ditch the carrot cake and the opt for the carrots instead

Soon after Timmy finished his Chinese takeaway, he noticed that he was starting to get bigger and bigger and he wanted a change. Timmy noticed how much he was eating and how bad it was for him. However, after eating  healthy meals, he was much healthier and after going to the gym, he was much fitter.  

Timmy is one of the many of us who eat a lot of bad things. Not everyone can change that problem, but with our help, they can. By spreading this all around, we can save many people’s  health.

It’s not necessarily skin deep…

But even if you are skinny, it does not mean you’re healthy. If you eat really badly and never go to the gym, you could die at a very young age, so if you are skinnier than others do not just use it as an advantage, because people who are slightly larger but eat healthy and workout are going to have a much better life. So even if you’re skinny, always choose the healthy option.

What can make a difference?

Drinking water instead of soda can help with weight loss. It is absolutely unbelievable how much calories pop holds: a single Coca Cola classic drink holds 140 calories, and that’s just one drink. If people are drinking them instead of water, then more than likely they will become obese and could possible get diabetes from all the sugar. Drinking all these calories is really dangerous, but if we cut down all the pop and save it for a treat and just drink water, it will give us longer and healthier lives.

Eating a healthy balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise is essential in maintaining physical and mental health and well-being. By eating a healthy diet and exercising, you’re keeping your bones, muscles, and heart strong and decreasing your risk of developing some diseases. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. So really, even just exercising will save your life and this doesn’t mean running for miles and going to the gym.  The best thing for you is walking, even if it’s just for twenty minutes a day.

We can all learn from people like Timmy that it’s never too late to make some positive changes. We just need to make better choices.

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