‘For Jay’ by Ella Sugden

The icy cold wind brushed itself roughly against my skin.
I shivered as goosebumps rose up unwillingly.
The sky slowly began to darken like
the sorrow that was staining my heart.

Distant echoing noises of nature moulded
into the deep sounds of my quiet sobs which
drifted off into a peaceful serenity.
The deepened leaves lost their singularity as

their definite details faded into a watery blur.
What was this unknown sorrow?
What was this incurable affliction that was merely
cutting through my heart like a shard of broken euphoria?

Even now, the only darkened image that fills my eyesight
is blinding. Bright and contaminating.
With peaceful exertion it invaded my body,
wrenching my soul into thin sparse shreds.

I reminisce on the tonal climax of your vocals,
the way they warped and gyrated from high to low.
Oh beautiful memory, please rejuvenate from your resting place.
For what I had, I now have lost.

Each symbolic beat of my heart goes out
to your lifeless one in desire
that it will bring you back.
But nothing will.

Not even all the gods in Earth’s pleasurable favour
have the faculty and authority to do so.
So we will come together concomitantly as one,
accumulating the broken fragments of ourselves.

And point our bright lights to the galaxies,
In hope you will come home again.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels