‘Into The Distance…’ by Chloe Johnson

Dang ran around the open courtyard,which was surrounded by tiled buildings and palm trees  leaving a dark shadow hanging on Dang’s shoulders. Dang heard it and looked above and saw the sky was overflowing. It was ringing and piercing Dang’s ears. Buzzing surrounded him. The movement of the sky came closer and the teacher was ushering them away. Dang ran from the school, running as fast as he could, past all the chaos and havoc.

 Through the village in which Dang lived, his neighbours, family, friends, and strangers were shooting aimlessly. He was scared as he was unaware of what was happening. People were running and screaming, unlike Dang, who was frozen, silently watching the world pass by.  He saw strangers with guns running, killing, terrorising everyone.

Dang suddenly stepped out of his dream and sprinted towards the bay. Fire devoured him, leaving him inhaling blackness. Helicopters were whirring and squeaking. Dang’s vision became hazy and unreadable. In circles, his brain spun, letting him fall to the floor. As he lay there, he saw rampaging feet scurrying. He tried to move but he couldn’t. Dang was paralysed and still struggling. Towards him flew death. It looked Dang in the eyes. Darkness flooded in, consuming him.  Then he was gone, flying away like a helicopter into the distance.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels