‘I Wish It Was a Nightmare’ by Millie, Year Seven

The countryside (which seems to have always been here) appears to be  so big when you’re driving through it. Today I’m going on a camping trip with my Grandma in a very interesting forest; the curling forest. People believe it’s haunted but, my Grandma says it’s just horrifying stories. Nobody has ever dared visit. I’m fearless though, but unfortunately, I never have any idea what’s coming for me.

My Grandma is looking after me as my parents were in a car accident (but I had put my seatbelt on), but then again, I don’t like to talk about it. The sheltering trees shivered in the  bitter wind as we came to a steady halt at what looked like a very creepy overgrown car park. Green tangled vines circled the trees as we parked. Rustling came from around, so I decided to hurry my slow grandma on. Eventually, reaching a quiet square of grass, we marked our area with brightly coloured tents. I could feel devil eyes watching my every sound and move. My spine shivered just thinking about what could be out there in the wilderness. 

The moon had eclipsed the sun and taken over the sky. I woke with interest, hearing a quiet piece of circus music. Feeling a sudden urge to explore, I slipped on my wellies and escaped into the habitat of other things out there. A torch was my only supply of the thing that could kill the caving darkness. I could feel the chattering trees watching me; their whispers were louder than ever. The haunting music got louder as I approached the noise. Suddenly, I tripped; I went tumbling down a steep hill. I felt my head crack on a deadly sharp rock; then I was unconscious.

I had no feeling; you could kill me and there’d be nothing. I could feel death traveling closer as life slowly began to leave me. Pain struck me right in my head as I could feel myself coming back to the world. My eyelashes stopped touching as I woke up. Fire was my first thought as I opened my eyes; a ring of fire was circling me. I was in a very overgrown circus. 

My eyes stung as the smoke attacked them. Choking and spluttering, I could feel warm blood dripping painfully down my sick pale face as the cut on my head opened deeper. Hearing the noise I’d been dreading for my whole life. A slow deep growl. My first thought was me being a meal for whatever disturbing creature that the fear creating growl came from. Slowly I got up and began to run; I felt as if I was racing life and that mine would soon come to an end. 

Trees were whispering a lot more vigorously. Tripping over a tree – over a root coming from a huge beach tree – I looked up. As soon as I did, I regretted it, as what stood there was a horrific creature. Red hypnotising devil eyes filled my brain with thoughts. It looked like a black wolf, but wolves can’t live in these areas, and anyway it was something way more chaotic and disturbing; a monster that could even create a golden heat of fire. His yellow teeth pierced right through my skin as dark red ink like blood dripped quickly to the forest floor. I couldn’t take anymore pain, so grabbing my deadly pen knife, I fiercely dug it through my young skin and right into my fast beating heart; I left the world. 

Just like that, a savage creature pulls another sad victim of death to his lair. 

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

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