‘The Monsters Of Alatam’ By Cassius, Year Seven

Our story begins with David upset in his room. He decided to crawl into bed to calm down. He read his favourite book, Monsters Of Alatam. He read the book for 27 minutes before finishing it for the seventh time. He went down for breakfast but no one was there. 

David sadly reflected on the tragedy that had happened a couple of days ago. His parents died in a house fire that was still being investigated. David was heartbroken, and on top of this, he had to move house and live alone.

He looked sadly out of the window to see that the once crowded streets were deserted. He started to look around for anyone, but no one was there. Wondering what had happened, he went back to his bedroom to check his phone for any messages. But then mist started to come out of his phone, flooding everything in sight. He went out of his bedroom scared to go back in. He walked up to the attic to get a better view of what was happening.

Suddenly, he heard massive thuds like a volcano erupting. He looked outside in the distance and saw a massive dog-like shadow slowly come into view. It started to reveal the silhouette of tentacles coming out of its body. It looked awfully familiar.

It wouldn’t stop or run in a different direction. David had to run. It was the size of ten elephants. It got faster and faster, so he decided to sprint. He was going to be bulldozered. He ran with it behind him, praying he’d live.

But then the factory came into view.

He thought if he went inside, it wouldn’t be able to get him. Closer and closer he got; closer and closer it got. He was scared to death. 

Now it looked clearer and clearer and he could see how terrible it was. The face was pure white. It had  a massive mouth with ten rows of teeth. It had a pale white body with tentacles spurting out of it. It ran like a dog, trembling with every step.

He was now a few steps away from the factory and as he came closer, the monster was inches away, edging him with every step. He was in.

The mist had covered everything. In the distance, he heard faint voices talking. It almost sounded like an argument. He could barely make out the shadow of a small crowd. He tried to get a closer look, but as he did, he knocked something over and had to hide.

“Who’s there?” one of the people said.

“Scout the area,” a deeper voice ordered.

He tried to run but as he did, he got spotted by a light and guns were pointed at him.

“Who are you?” the deeper voice bellowed.

“I should ask the same. Why is there mist? And what was that?” he said, each word trembling out of his mouth.

“Show us your arm” a voice yelled.

He came closer to show them what seemed to be three images: a dog, a stickman and a fish on his forearm.

“What are they,” he said, shocked.

When they’d told him that if he died at the hands of two of the three of them, he’d be gone, then it popped up. He was in his book and he had to get out…

Photo by beytlik from Pexels

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