‘A Stranger Arrives’ by Phoebe, Year Seven

The aged, wooden door slowly opened with a creak, sending an enigmatic shiver through the decrepit tavern as a squall swept through the open door. The rambunctious atmosphere ground to a halt as a towering figure stepped into the light of the roaring flames.

Heads turned promptly towards the shadowy figure in the doorway.

‘Hello everyone,’ said the ghostly figure in a harsh, patronising tone. The room fell silent. He swiftly headed towards the bar, dragging his ebony cloak along the dusty floor. Every step he took was followed by the click clack of his boots. He sat down heavily on the wooden stool.

‘Brandy,’ he ordered in his sharp tone. The snow fell heavily outside the dimly lit tavern. He slowly removed the hood from his grim face, revealing his thin, grey streaked hair. The bar tender put down the brandy, his hamds shaking so much that the brandy spilled over the edge.

Everyone jumped as a log fell to the other side of the fire.

Featured image by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

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