‘The Crows’ House’ by Jasmine, Year Nine

It was moving day for us. We’re The Crows: a lovely family. There are six kids: Ben aged fourteen, Jack aged twelve, James aged ten, me, Lilly, aged eight and Lola aged six. Our parents have good jobs. Our dad is a doctor and our mum is a dentist’s receptionist. We also have a dog. She’s a Dachshund called Boo. Anyway, let me tell you about something that happened a couple of months ago.

The old big house called Traitor’s Gate in Minskip used to belong to a middle-aged lady called Brenda and a middle aged man called Frank. They were a married couple and they built the house back in 1980. They were both reported missing after the neighbor hadn’t seen them in the house for weeks, Brenda and Frank weren’t responsive. The police searched the house and the land surrounding it, but they found nothing. They were said to be dead.

It was a moving week, as my parents say. Half the house was packed into boxes and the other part of the house was a mess. My parents were off work and we had to be out of the house by Friday. We were all so excited because we would all have our own rooms. The time flew by. It was already Thursday night. Ben, Jack, James,  Lola, Boo and I were staying over at my grandparents house. When we finally finished school on Friday, we  went to our new house and we were all so excited to start decorating our rooms. 

A few weeks passed and the house was fully decorated, but all of a sudden, things started to go wrong. 

The lights in Ben’s room kept flickering. In Jack’s room, the screws in his desk kept coming out and the desk collapsed. In James’s room, noises were coming from the roof. In Lola’s room and my room, which were on the same floor located in the loft, all of the pictures and shelves kept falling off the walls. That night just before bed, Lola closed her blind and saw a dark figure at the end of the driveway she screamed. By the time I got there, it had gone. We were both freaked out but no one could hear us because we were at the top of the house.

The next morning whilst we were eating breakfast, we told our mum and brothers what had happened. They didn’t believe us. That day, I told all my friends and so did Lola. Stil no one believed us.

About a day later, we were sent to put the bins out for the bin men. I  took my phone to use as a torch after yesterday’s madness. Ben, Jack and James were hiding behind the house spying on us so they could scare us walking down the drive. We looked at the trees making an arch over our heads. We left the bins at the end of the driveway and walking back, we saw the same black figure in the trees and so did the boys. We all were in shock and looked at our eyes with the figure for at least ten seconds and then we screamed and ran.

That night, it got a lot worse. The clocks had just struck 9 o’clock and we were all sent to bed. We were all asleep by 9:30. Boo the dog slept in Ben’s room because she was mainly Ben’s dog, but we all helped out every now and again. He got her for his 8th birthday. At 10:30, James woke up from a noise in the loft. At 11:30, Jack woke up from a noise in his wardrobe. At 12:30, Boo started barking at the bed, under the bed and it carried on with each boy waking up every hour from a strange noise from somewhere in the house. At 3 am, all of the boys were pulled from their bed and their rooms were all separate. At this point we now thought that it must be some kind of ghost or demon. When the boys were explaining what happened in the morning at breakfast, they all said the same thing at the same time. The Demon that the girls had seen – the Demon that we all saw – was the Demon that woke me and my brothers and the Diamond that pulled us from our beds and whilst she did, she whispered: ‘Frank. I will get you.’

The odd thing is that all the boys said that they sink with each other. 

Anyway, it was the first sunny weekend in this house. More strange things happened. The doors were swinging open on their hinges, things in our rooms would go missing and the boys kept being woken up. This was because they  felt something poking and breathing on them. On Saturday, the sun was out and it was scorching hot in the house, so we went to the back garden to play in the lake. The lake was clear blue. It had filters that kept it that way but you couldn’t see the bottom because of the depth of the lake. Jack, James, Ben and Boo were in the lake whilst me and Lola were trying to find the snorkels. 

They were in the office in the swimming box. I took them to the boys and Lola went to join them whilst I got the inflatables. Screams were coming from the garden lake. I ran out to see what was going on and Lola ran out of the lake, dripping wet and out of breath. They got their breath back and told me there was a body in a clear bag in the lake. I went to get my parents because I was the only one not wet. Our dad ran into the lake to check it out. He ran out and told mum to call the police. Twenty minutes later, the police arrived and my dad showed them to the crime scene. The police pulled out multiple bodies.

You see, something you didn’t know was that Frank had been divorced three times and had lots of secret girlfriends. If his wife or girlfriend found out he was cheating, he would kill them and put them in the lake. Then he bought the land with Brenda to build the house, and so the lake would become their private property, instead of it being a fishing pond.   

After all this, you would have thought we would have moved house, but we didn’t, because we all still loved the house. 

Photo by Nathan Walker on Unsplash

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