‘Into The Woods’ by Olivia, Year Nine

It was a cold and windy night. The only noise you could hear were the whistles from the wind. The forest was a mystical place full of secrets and rumors. Many people have been said to have died in this forest. Documentaries have even been made about it. This story is about the deep, dark and mysterious stories and legends of these woods.

The woods had ten foot tall trees with royal green leaves, big thick trunks and roots so big the ground couldn’t hold them down any longer. It had a dark blue lake in the middle so dark that the blue would almost be in disguise. With lots of secrets in this lake, no one dared to go near it. 

Next to the lake was an old cabin which had been through so much stuff that the roof was made of tree trunks which had fallen down. The cabin had a bright red door which wasn’t so bright anymore, since most of the paint had been scratched off almost like someone had got their nails done and scratched along the door – to almost say without speaking – to go home before it was too late. Whether these descriptions were true or not, know one would find out the truth, since everyone who entered the woods never left. Whether they were dead or alive, no one ever knew.

If beauty was a weapon, Susan would be locked and loaded. Susan had long, flowy, silky blonde hair which shines in the sun. She had rosy red lips which made her teeth shine out like the stars when she smiled. She had olive skin which, even in winter, looked like she had been in Greece. Susan had the perfect body: a slim waist which was being covered over by her clothes. Susan had a sarcastic and funny personality which could make anyone fall for her, but despite her looks and personality, she didn’t get much attention as her family had a past. Susan’s family didn’t make much money, which you could tell by her clothes. Her clothes were full of rips and had an old, grubby kind of look. Susan was a very athletic girl. She loved all sports. Susan didn’t have many friends, so all her free time was either spent with family or playing sports.

Susan’s house had an old,crooked, run down porchy which overlooked the forest which she sat at a lot to read. She had always been curious about the forest since she had heard so many rumours, so one day she went exploring, not knowing the danger she was putting herself in.

The date was 19th of June. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining so bright it was blinding. Susan thought it was the perfect day to go exploring as her mum was out and the football match was cancelled. As she ventured into the unknown, a rush of excitement ran through her body. She got half way into the forest without seeing anything out of the ordinary.

When she carried on into the forest, the trees started drooping and the lovely royal green leaves turned to a black colour, covering the sky and making the forest pitch black with bits of sun peeking through to make a bit of light. The hairs on the back of her legs stuck up, as even though she was alone, she didn’t feel like she was. She felt like someone was watching her every move and was about to pop out. Susan didn’t like the forest any more so she turned back and headed home. 

But the further she went, the darker it got. She tried all different directions but all went on forever. At this moment of time, Susan realised she was lost and wasn’t going home any time soon.

The sun started to set so Susan made a fire, but seconds later, it went out because even though all the trees were shelter from rain, the wind could still get past them.

Susan started closing her eyes and fell asleep on the leafy, rocky, muddy ground with nothing but her old clothes hanging on her body. When Susan woke up, her hair was knotty and her skin was dry and scabby. Once Susan had properly woken up, she stood up to realise that she wasn’t in the same place she fell asleep. She was on an old blanket with a mouldy piece of bread next to her and a lumpy glass of milk. Susan went outside to a view of the lake and when she turned around to see where she was, she saw the red door attached to the old cabin.

Susan got scared as she saw a dark figure coming her way. Maybe the rumours were true, she thought. Maybe this wood really doesn’t have an exit and no one comes out alive. All of a sudden Susan’s thoughts stopped.

Susan wasn’t in the woods anymore. Susan was watching all her favourite memories from above. Susan did in fact not exit the woods, and what happened to Susan that night, no one will ever know, not even Susan.

Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixabay

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