‘Swallower By Light’ by Eliza Outlaw

I wake up screaming. The pounding in my head is almost as painful as the scratch marks I inflicted in my sleep. Fire flickers before my eyes, but I blink it away. Get dressed; pack bag: food, jumper, pills, lighter. When I walk downstairs, mam’s waiting with breakfast.  ‘Where are you going?’ she asks. But…More

‘The Following’ by Josh Mills

Daryl had heard more bank, house and car alarms than anyone. It was like music to his ears. He started stealing cars when he was old enough to reach the pedals. For every crime he committed, he served no time nor punishment; he got away with everything. He was a ghost. No one but his…More

‘Hazel’s Memory’ by Phoebe Hartley

Sometimes, I still think of home. It seems alien now, as though it came from another life. There are times when I can barely remember anything at all but this story always comes back to me wherever I am and I know that the memory of that day, long ago, in a different life will…More

‘Eve’s Memory’ by Alice Spivey

The horse’s hooves battered the ground with such a force anyone walking past would have thought it was an earthquake. The humid air made everything look hazy and the smell of freshly cut grass hung in the atmosphere. It was a happy time, when my sister and I would go out and ride from sunrise…More

‘Dinah’s Memory’ by Sophie Bootle

I remember walking up and down the beach.  Watching the deep, blue sea washing up and down the sandy beach, it was always my safe place. The sand was always soft and smooth and the vast sea was always the same. When I came here, I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I loved it…More

‘The Creep who Lived on Raven Lane’ by Amelia Ramsden

The town was small. It was quiet and tidy. The town had a main street. On the main street was a diner, gas station, market and a series of other shops. On the edge of the main street there was an old clock tower which was the tallest building in the town. The houses were…More

‘My Friend Tree’ by Heather Walker

Isolated by trees and forest, the small town of Evermay sat protected by the unknown. Brightly coloured houses and shops lined the main street and town-center, while the river wound the river wound its way through the cobbles. The stone bridge stretched across the current, forming the only way to cross to the other side.…More

‘Chupacabra’ By Rhianna Holmes

Endless fields roll over the hills, growing cabbages and other crops. Acres of farmland for the animals. The nearest town is half an hour away. Apple trees in lines as train tracks, followed by orange trees. Before we came to the farm, we used to live in the village. Everything was dull and gray. The…More

‘The Railroad Bridge’ by Aine McCann

It was about 3 o’clock on a hot afternoon. You could tell it had been raining because the mud on the ground was still damp. As we walked through the forest, we could feel the leaves by the side of the track scratch our skin. The sun had dried them out, making them sharp. We…More

‘Bombardment’ by Rebecca Rimmer

Mark sat in the helicopter, looking down at the water below. A small, rocky piece of land loomed before them, not far from the actual village: the target. Mark watched as the helicopters got into formation. They were nearly at the village. He couldn’t see anyone so he guessed that the villagers were hiding from…More

‘The Ghoul’ by Rick Burgoyne

I walk through a park that is normally infected with little children by the day, but at night, it becomes a horror scene. You always feel like someone or something is right there. It’s just something lingering about the air. A pungent smell of rotten meat floods into my nose. I run to the closest…More

‘Valkyrie’ By Eliza Outlaw

Dao’s ears pricked, her heart stopped. Bells echoed across the valley inspiring fear. She could see the instant panic of villagers as they fled to the barracks. Dao watched her classmates stand up and queue up outside the building. She followed, staying to the back of the chaos. Everyone else was leaving for the shelter…More

‘Into The Distance…’ by Chloe Johnson

Dang ran around the open courtyard,which was surrounded by tiled buildings and palm trees  leaving a dark shadow hanging on Dang’s shoulders. Dang heard it and looked above and saw the sky was overflowing. It was ringing and piercing Dang’s ears. Buzzing surrounded him. The movement of the sky came closer and the teacher was…More

‘Cats and Mice’ by Tom Botting

The village slept quietly in the morning dew. It lay unconscious and unaware of the attack they were going to be confronted with. Ling strolled past the school yard. Nursery rhymes and silly squabbling interrupted the morning peace. The alarm vigorously pounded, piercing through the damp air, dominantly arguing with the surrounding panic. Ling squinted…More

‘The Salem Demons’ by Chloe Johnson

The small village in Salem where I lived was right near the coast, so the wind flew in with the smell of salt drawing in close. The houses were all clustered together all small dainty looking. The houses were wooden and unsteady. Everything in the area was worn down, we were isolated from the rest…More

‘She Demons’ by Eliza Outlaw

It was a quiet day when whispers were exchanged and stories traded. The mountains hung, casting shadows down to our village. Misery swept like a plague across our fields. We had been isolated, imprisoned in our own homes. Turning against each other with every passing hour. Each tree that surrounded us creaked and moaned at…More

‘The Legend of the Real Snake’ by Emily Cramoysan

We never got told what the history of the village was. It was like a missing brick in a wall. I feel like I’m missing something, something important. We live in a small village, next to the Mississippi, you’d think it would be beautiful but it is far from that! The river is murky and…More