‘Into The Woods’ by Olivia, Year Nine

It was a cold and windy night. The only noise you could hear were the whistles from the wind. The forest was a mystical place full of secrets and rumors. Many people have been said to have died in this forest. Documentaries have even been made about it. This story is about the deep, dark…More

One Final Moment by Charlotte, Year Eleven

I stood before it: the place I’d poured my heart and soul into. The place that had captivated my heart like a thief in the night the very first time I came. The place that reminded me of him.  To this day, I will never know what I loved so much about those spectacular Sunday…More

‘Keys’ by Aiya, Year Nine

I know of a proud people, A truth echoes unanimous in their minds A rattle of a key shaken many times Looking for its door. Nelson Mandela knew this was not so different to South African Apartheid. Norman Finkelstein doesn’t think this differs to Nazi genocide. All the dead children western media tries to hide.…More

‘Incident-006 log report’ by Gyalzen, Year Nine

-log 1 It was a shallow gloomy night.  Heavy drops of rain spattered to the ground one after another. The trees swayed desperately through the wind, trying to remain rooted to the ground. I was walking home after what felt like weeks of typing at work, until I heard the sudden footsteps behind me. I…More

‘The Crows’ House’ by Jasmine, Year Nine

It was moving day for us. We’re The Crows: a lovely family. There are six kids: Ben aged fourteen, Jack aged twelve, James aged ten, me, Lilly, aged eight and Lola aged six. Our parents have good jobs. Our dad is a doctor and our mum is a dentist’s receptionist. We also have a dog.…More

‘A Stranger Arrives’ by Phoebe, Year Seven

The aged, wooden door slowly opened with a creak, sending an enigmatic shiver through the decrepit tavern as a squall swept through the open door. The rambunctious atmosphere ground to a halt as a towering figure stepped into the light of the roaring flames. Heads turned promptly towards the shadowy figure in the doorway. ‘Hello…More

‘The Monsters Of Alatam’ By Cassius, Year Seven

Our story begins with David upset in his room. He decided to crawl into bed to calm down. He read his favourite book, Monsters Of Alatam. He read the book for 27 minutes before finishing it for the seventh time. He went down for breakfast but no one was there.  David sadly reflected on the…More

‘I Wish It Was a Nightmare’ by Millie, Year Seven

The countryside (which seems to have always been here) appears to be  so big when you’re driving through it. Today I’m going on a camping trip with my Grandma in a very interesting forest; the curling forest. People believe it’s haunted but, my Grandma says it’s just horrifying stories. Nobody has ever dared visit. I’m…More

‘The Haunting of Darkwood Manor’

By Joe, Neve, Rowan, Emily, Evelyn, Charlotte, Chloe, Bethany The following story was written collaboratively by students during Open Evening. One thousand pounds. I think it was one thousand pounds. It seemed like too much. I knew there had to be something up with the seemingly exaggerated deal. Mrs Brown, the creepy, old woman who…More

‘On The Floor of a Rice Field’ by Joe Tennant

Life flowed. It was a simple rotation: days were spent in the rice fields, waves of wind blowing over the infinite green. Nights spent laughing, loving, caring for the ones in your life. Nothing changed and nothing needed changing. Nguyễn lived like the rest, a calm, untouched life working day in day out in the…More

‘Bear’ by Daniel Maw, Year Seven

Tall, sturdy trees stood strong as a fast, cold wind cut through the air. A thick canopy of leaves cast a shadow over the land, leaving only a few spots of daylight. Carried by the howling wind, crisp, orange leaves filled the air, bouncing off anything they collided with. To my left, the ground rose…More

‘Why do I Matter?’ by Madi Chantry

I matter because I want to win in life. I want to do the greatest things any man or woman can do. I look towards the future and think, where will I be in five years? I often ask myself why I do matter. It isn’t easy getting out of bed every day, doing the…More

‘Seasonal Changes’ by Amber Fleming

Summer shines reflections in the water. A man walks by to show his daughter   a passage through time. As they keep on going, the air gets colder, the waters still flowing,   the leaves change colour from green to brown. Her moods start to dampen By the feelings that drown   the happiest of…More

‘The Wastes’ by Dan Johnson

The scorched ground crunched under worn boots, as the wind weakly tugged on his weathered clothes. It was deathly silent, with only the harsh and melodic crunch every step he took, and the heavy wheezing of the gas mask which was vital for surviving this desolate wasteland. The rubber formed an alliance with the moisture…More

‘Munich’ By Leah Newmannoi

The usual busy station was eerily desolate. No one was around, except the man two seats down shouting furiously into his phone in Russian. I felt sorry for the person on the other end. I shifted in my seat, uncomfortable as his argument made the air thick with undeniable tension, smothering me. The chair’s metal…More

‘Wolf Man’ by Kendra Collier-Figg

Once there was a  boy called Andrew. He had just started his first year of high school. Andrew’s parents gave him everything he wanted: the latest iPhones, designer clothes and even a horse. But all these gifts were not what he needed.  Every night, Andrew would lay in bed listening to his parents screaming at…More

‘Blood of a Werewolf’  by Izzy Armstrong

I’d grown up  in a small town, surrounded by hills, forests and streams. As children, we would test who was the bravest and creep into the trees where we were forbidden to play or ever enter. Alice, Bella and I would always hang out at the long grass field. I had no one else, no…More